Reading Reform Foundation UK



The RRF campaigns to ensure the best possible teaching of basic reading and spelling in the English language.

Long-established international research and leading-edge practice clearly show that the most effective way to teach everyone to read and spell is to teach the English alphabetic code systematically and explicitly, as well as the skills of blending sounds to read words and segmenting spoken words to spell them. This is referred to as ‘systematic synthetic phonics’ (SSP).

We aim to increase understanding of synthetic phonics and how to teach it systematically.


We promote the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics in a range of ways, by:

  • Maintaining a website with a forum,  blog and information about the teaching of reading and spelling
  • Communicating directly with those with influence over how reading is taught
  • Using social media to communicate our messages more widely
  • Following research and keeping up-to-date with new evidence
  • Supporting those who strive to promote systematic synthetic phonics teaching, in all the countries in the United Kingdom and internationally
  • Using the wide and varied experience and knowledge of committee members and supporters effectively.

We promote systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) teaching in a general way and do not favour any specific SSP programmes. However, teachers are strongly supported by using a well-designed programme and so it is inevitable that some committee members have commercial interests in specific programmes. We welcome their expertise and their willingness to work co-operatively and without bias, as RRF committee members.


  • Any money obtained by the RRF will be used only for the RRF.
  • Any bank accounts opened for the RRF will be in the name of the RRF.
  • Any payments will be authorised by the treasurer and one other nominated committee member.