Burt Reading Test

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Instructions for administering the Burt Reading test

Schonell Spelling test

Simple Code Phonics Assessment.

This ‘simple code assessment’ covers one way of representing each of 40 phonemes (‘sounds’). Synthetic phonics programmes may use different vowel digraphs (digraph; two letters representing one phoneme) for the initial teaching of ‘long’ vowel sounds. Parents using this assessment to check their child’s progress should be aware of this. However, if a child does not recognise these digraphs after two years of initial reading instruction (when all the most common spelling alternatives should have been taught) there may be cause for concern; particularly if the school has not provided any extra support for reading and writing.

Ruth Miskin’s Nonsense Words Test

Children who have memorised words as ‘wholes’ are likely to find this decoding test a challenge.