Please sign Anne Glennie's petition to promote phonics training in Scotland

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Please sign Anne Glennie's petition to promote phonics training in Scotland

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RRF Committee Member, Anne Glennie, is a literacy specialist in Scotland.

Anne has been pioneering for evidence-informed reading instruction in Scotland for many years - specifically to include 'systematic synthetic phonics'. She launched a parliamentary petition in 2017 which was fully supported by world-renowned advisors, researchers and specialists from the international arena including Sir Jim Rose and Robert Sweet Jnr from America.

It takes seconds to sign Anne's revived petition as an earlier inquiry made no difference to official guidance and provision for teacher-training in Scotland. The need to ensure that teacher training is not simply 'left to chance' still remains. See here:

It doesn't matter where you reside, it is the same alphabetic code and phonics skills for reading and spelling that all learners need for lifelong, competent reading and spelling in the English language. With this in mind, please support Anne even if you don't live in Scotland.

Thank you in anticipation.

I have included information about Anne's first petition, and the revived petition, via the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction of which Anne is a founding committee member. This includes a thread featuring the full backstory of Anne's original petition and the events which followed in Scotland. All of this is relevant to anyone involved with reading and spelling instruction in the English language as the battle still continues in some countries and regions to enable the highest quality, research-informed training for teachers - and the subsequent highest quality provision for the children and older learners - as required.

See here: