RRF Message Board Abbreviations

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RRF Message Board Abbreviations

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The following are abbreviations you may find on the RRF message board:

ABT: Ain't Been Taught
AC: Alphabetic Code
AD(H)D: Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder
AFAIK: As far as I know…
AKA: Also Known As
ALS: Additional Literacy Support programme
ARQ: Average Reading Quotient
ASAP: As soon as possible
BRI /ARI: Beginning/Advanced Reading Instruction SP book-based scheme
BTW: By the way…
CA: Classroom Assistant AKA Teaching Assistant
CPD: Continuing Professional Development
CPS: Centre For Policy Studies
CVC: consonant/vowel/consonant - as in c/a/t
CT: Class Teacher
DCSF: Gov. Department for Children, Schools and Families –now DfE
DfE: Department for Eduction
DH: Deputy Head -sometimes 'dear husband'
D.McG: Prof. Diane McGuinness
EAL: English as an Additional Language
ECAR: Every Child a Reader AKA Reading Recovery/RR
EFL: English as a Foreign Language
ELS: Early Literacy Support. DSCF Intervention for Y1
EP: Educational Psychologist
ERR: Solity’s programme
EY: Early Years
FE: Further Education
FFTW3: Fisher Family Trust Wave 3 WL literacy intervention.
FLS: Further Literacy Support WL intervention programme
FS: Foundation Stage -pre-school, age 4.
FSP: Foundation Stage Profile
GPC: Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence
G&T: Gifted and talented
HFW: High Frequency Word
HLTA: Higher Level Teaching Assistant
HMI: Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools
HT: Head Teacher
HTH: hope that helps
IEP: Individual Education Plan
IMO: In my opinion
ITT: Initial Teacher Training
J&B: Jelly and Bean: a series of decodable books
JP: Jolly Phonics SP programme
KS (1, 2 etc) Key Stage
LA: Local Authority
LEA: Local Education Authority
LOL: Lot of laughs
LP: Linguistic phonics
L&S: DCSF’s SP programme Letters and Sounds
LSA: Learning Support Assistant
MM: Mixed Methods
MP: Member of Parliament
NC: National Curriculum
NLP: Neuro-Linguistic Programming
NLS: National Literacy Strategy MM programme
NRDC: National Research and Development Centre for adult literacy and numeracy
NUT: National Union of Teachers
OCR: Oxford, Cambridge and RSA examination board
Ofsted: The inspectorate for children and learners in England.
OP: original/first post on message board thread
ORT: Oxford Reading Tree - 'Biff, Chip & Kipper' popular WL reading scheme
OT: Occupational Therapist
PA: Phonemic Awareness/ phonological awareness
PD: Professional Development
PI: Phonics International SP programme
PwS: Playing with Sounds – NLS MM programme
PG: Carmen McGuinness' programme ** on the RRF forum
PGCE: post graduate certificate of education
PiPs: Progression in phonics – NLS MM programme
QFT: Quality First Teaching.
RA: Reading Age
R.A.N: Rapid Automatic Naming
RCT: Randomised Control Trial
RP: Received Pronunciation
RR: Reading Recovery WL intervention programme
RRF: Reading Reform Foundation
RTI: Response To Intervention
RWI: Read Write Inc. SP programme
SA: Spelling Age
SALT: Speech and Language Therapist
SATS: Statutory Assessment Tests AKA Key Stage Tests.
SEN: special educational needs
SES: Socio-economic status
SENCo: Special Educational Needs Coordinator
SLT: Speech and Language Therapist
SP: Synthetic Phonics
SpLD: specific learning difficulties
SRS: Sound Reading System LP programme
SSP: Systematic synthetic phonics
S~W: Sounds~Write LP programme
TA: Teaching Assistant
TACTYC: Association for the Professional Development of Early Years Educators (WL)
TES: Times Educational Supplement weekly newspaper and website
THRASS: MM programme
TTI: teacher training institution
UKLA: United Kingdom Literacy Association (WL)
WL: Whole-language
Wave 1: Quality First Literacy Teaching in KS1.
Wave 2: small group literacy intervention
Wave 3: 1-1 literacy intervention
YR: Reception Year
**: see PG