Literacy for Teenagers and Adults

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Literacy for Teenagers and Adults

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August 2014 ... ew-effects
What are these Matthew Effects in reading?
Dec. 2010: One in 11 boys in England - one in seven in some areas - starts secondary school with, at best, the reading skills of an average seven-year-old. ... 2th-grade/
''A cumulative, knowledge-oriented curriculum will, over time, produce higher verbal abilities than a test-prep curriculum'' ... ite_up.pdf
Report: Using Phonics International as an intervention in a secondary school.

http://www.phonics-for-adult-literacy.c ... sentation/
Tricia Millar's ppt: Why phonics for adults? ... ew-effects
What are these Matthew Effects in reading? ... y-problems
Hempenstall -Older students' reading problems ... cheme-work
Independently produced 'scheme of work' to support the government's Adult Literacy Entry level 1. curriculum :-(
Jim Curran's conference talk on using synthetic phonics at secondary level.

“Wasted Lives” - Jim Curran
A view of Education in Northern Ireland ... on-phonics
A new study proposes to show how phonics can help adults too. ... 77666.html
55yr.old learns to read with synthetic phonics and wins award.
Sept. 2011. Ten years and £9bn later and still 5 million can't read ... g_2011.pdf
Literacy state of the nation. 2011. ... n-britain/
Fixing broken Britain ... -behaviour
Literacy and behaviour ... Wasted.pdf
WASTED: The betrayal of white working class and black Caribbean boys. READ IT and weep.
Many secondary school textbooks have been simplified in terms of text complexity to make them more accessible for struggling readers.