Decodable Books

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Decodable Books

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N.B. this is not a definitive list of phonically decodable book schemes.

Expert advice for listening to children read ... 552#p13552
- Dandelion Readers: follow the Sounds~Write GPC introduction order -can be used with any linguistic phonics programme or Letters&Sounds.
An independent review of Dandelion Readers, Level 2, that introduces alternative vowel spellings. ... on-readers
- 'Launchers' first texts for beginners at Foundation stage -start at cvc level.
Launchers are now available (schools only) as ebooks: ... -rm-books/
- Dandelion readers (6 books) for 'magic e'/split vowel reading practice
- Alba series.12 books specifically written to appeal to girls in KS2/3. Reading Age KS1 -start at cvc level
- Magic Belt. 12 books, a prequel to the Totem quest series -start at cvc level.
Review of Magic Belt ... books.html
- Totem series. 12 books specifically designed for older struggling readers age 8-14 / Reading Age KS1 -start at cvc level.
- Talisman series. 20 books specifically designed for older struggling readers age 8-14 / Reading Age KS1.

Read Write Inc. OUP. Ruth Miskin's *story books and non-fiction books ... programmes
*Includes 7 sets of books, 75 books altogether, delightful stories and optional exercises for teaching before and after reading the story. N.B. RWI's 'Red words' are not meant to be memorised as whole units; Ruth Miskin says ''Help children look for the letters that “work” and ones that are tricky'' in the Red words.
- Ditty Books. first texts for absolute beginners.
- Read Write Inc. Fresh Start modules. These 'catch-up' workbooks (consumables) for students in Y5+ include age-appropriate text for reading practice.

OUP's Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) Floppy's Phonics Sounds and Letters -> Floppy's Phonics fiction&non-fiction. ... ernational
Matched to the DfE programme Letters and Sounds. Caution: DO NOT confuse these new decodable first readers with the first Book Band levels (pink, red, yellow, blue..) of ORT 'Classic' Biff, Chip and Kipper whole language books.
Sound Discovery: Little Phonics First books (for use with the Sound Discovery and the Jolly Phonics programme) / King Wizzit story books -best for 7 to 11 year olds who are poor readers – funny stories about kings, islands and dragons / Photocopiable Fold-it books. N.B. Now also published by Pearson.
Sounds~Write readers - written to support Sounds~Write or any other linguistic phonics programme.
How to use S~W readers: ... eaders.pdf
24 initial/basic code books following the S~W GPC introduction order -start at CVC level.
12 extended/advanced code books: 'These titles focus on particular sounds to give children plenty of practice of the most common spelling alternatives presented in each of the Extended Code Units'
Jera Books. 'Battle Cries', a comic books series specifically designed for older, struggling readers age 11+. ''Each book focuses on a particular sound and is deliberately contrived to contain multiple spellings of the sound''. Important -read the online Teachers' Guide before using these books: ... _cries.pdf
Beginning/Advanced Reading Instruction (BRI / ARI). These books allow a slow introduction and passage through the Code; only five sounds introduced in the first three books, over 150 books in the whole scheme. 'BRI minimizes the number of letters used to 20--fewer than the number in the Alphabet. It also minimizes the number of words involved--around 100 in BRI 1 and 2, and not many more in BRI 3.' (Schutz BRI forum) New. MRI 'mature reading instruction' series for teens and adults.
BRI/ARI books are also available in Australia
Pocket Rockets for classroom use: The 18 booklets (flimsy paper) introduce the GPCs learnt at Phase 2 only of Letters and Sounds, 10 of each title in a set. These booklets are also available in Australia. Now available as Android app ...

http://www.societyforqualityeducation.o ... terial.pdf
Canadian. Free reading material from the 'Stairway to Reading' programme, from simple sentences using CVC words to complete 'sound' stories - also suitable for dictations. Caution UK users: N. American sound-spellings
RRF's bank of free, decodable materials and games.

Free online or tablet e-books from OUP: register first, then click on 'Phonics' for decodable books. ... brary-page
Debbie Hepplewhite's online programme includes decodable text starting at CVC level- see 'I CAN READ'. Unit 1. is free to download. Follows the Jolly Phonics GPC introduction order.
A postal book rental service specialising in reading scheme books for children aged 4 to 9 years Caution: phonically decodable books (Floppy's Phonics & Phonics Bug) and whole language readers are available. ... Itemid=182
Australia SPELD-SA (Specific Learning Difficulties Association of South Australia) provide free books online which follow the Jolly Phonics GPC introduction order. N.B. a couple of these books contain words that some teachers may feel uncomfortable about young children reading e.g. 'bum' and 'spat'
SPELD also stock and Jolly Phonics materials.

Books designed to develop 'emergent' readers' fluency and confidence -use late into or on completion of a synthetic phonics (intervention) programme. Barrington Stoke Caution -do not use solely for 'silent reading'. It is essential that students are regularly heard reading some of the text aloud to ensure that they are decoding accurately and not skipping or substituting words.