15 Correspondence Readers: Tim

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15 Correspondence Readers: Tim

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This is the next level. This level adds these 5 correspondences: m-/m/, h-/h/, i-/i/, a-/u/, and s-/z/. These last two are only used in specific situations: the a-/u/ is only used for the word 'a', and s-/z/ is used in plurals and past tense (where the voice will help distinguish which sound for s to use) and in the words 'as,' 'is,' 'has,' and 'his'.

There are 9 stories in this set. They are not listed in order. Again, the illustration descriptions are on the even line numbers.

Story 1
Word Count: 38
1. Tim.
2. 6 yr old boy on a farm
3. Tim has a hen.
4. Tim with a hen
5. Tim helps his hen.
6. Tim helps hen get her foot out of a fence.
7. Tim pets his hen.
8. Tim pets the hen.
9. Tim has a pig.
10. Tim with pig.
11. Tim helps his pig.
12. Tim helps the pig get his snout out of some boards.
13. Tim pets his pig.
14. Tim sets the eggs down to pet pig.
15. Splat! Tim slips!
16. Tim slips in some mud.
17. Hen and Pig help Tim.
18. The pig is pushing Tim up, the hen waves her wings around.
19. Hen and Pig pet Tim!
20. Hen and pig are standing on bales of hay petting Tim. Tim has an amused grin on his face.

Story 2
Word Count: 38
1. Tim.
2. 6 yr old boy starting to climb a tree.
3. Tim gets in an elm.
4. Tim, dangling from branch up in the tree, looking bored.
5. Tim sits in his elm.
6. Tim sitting on a branch, thinking, has an idea.
7. Tim gets his Dad.
8. Tim leading his dad by the hand, who is carrying wood and a hammer and nails.
9. His dad hits and hits.
10. Tim’s dad is building a platform in the tree
11. Tim helps him.
12. Tim hammering at a nail
13. Dad and Tim set a mast.
14. Tim and his dad place a pole with a sail on it in the middle of the stand.
15. At last! Tim stands at a mast in his elm.
16. Tim, in pirate costume, looks out at the land from his new stand.

Story 3
Word Count: 66
1. Tim, Sal and Peg in hats.
2. Three children walking in the woods with safari hats on.
3. Sal has a map.
4. Sal carries a small child’s doodle of a map
5. Tim has a net.
6. Tim has a butterfly net
7. Peg has a can.
8. Peg carries a bag and has a magnifying glass up to her eye.
9. Sal gets a plant.
10. Sal finds an interesting plant and is putting it in Peg’s can.
11. Tim nets a pest.
12. Tim gets a flying bug in his net, but doesn’t know what to do with it.
13. Tim gasps! Tim snags his pants.
14. Tim’s pants get stuck on a branch
15. Tim gets a slit in his pants!
16. Tim’s leg has a cut in it. Tim is looking extremely worried and crying. The cut is very small.
17. Peg can help.
18. Peg splints his leg.
19. Peg mends Tim’s leg.
20. Peg puts a splint on Tim’s leg.
21. Tim’s leg is in a splint. Tim limps. Peg and Sal help.
22. Tim his hopping on one foot while Peg and Sal hold him up on either side.
23. Tim is glad Peg and Sal can help.
24. Tim, with is leg on a pillow, sits on the floor with Peg and Sal playing cards.

Story 4
Word Count: 57
1. Tim gets a pan.
2. Tim putting a pan on the stove
3. Tim gets a ham.
4. Tim pulls a piece of ham out of the refrigerator
5. Tim slaps his ham in pan.
6. Tim throws ham into the pan as Dad’s arm turns on the flame
7. Tim lets ham sit in pan.
8. Close up of ham sizzling.
9. Tim tips ham.
10. Tim turning ham in the pan
11. Tim gets Dad.
12. Tim leads dad to the table.
13. Tim hands Dad ham.
14. Tim sets a plate with ham on it in front of dad.
15. Dad sits and has ham.
16. Dad eats ham and has an expression of, “This is good.”
17. Tim sits and has his ham.
18. Tim smiles at his Dad with a pleased expression as they eat their ham
19. Dad is glad. Dad hands Tim ten mints!
20. Dad, looking proud of his son, hands a handful of mints to Tim.
21. Tim is glad. Ten mints for a ham!
22. Tim looking happy with his ten mints.

Story 5
Word Count: 38
1. Tim met Sal and Peg.
2. The kids meet at the beach. Sal and Peg are digging together.
3. Tim and Peg dig.
4. Tim and Peg start digging together.
5. Sal is mad.
6. Sal is left out and angry.
7. Sal slaps Tim’s leg.
8. Sal hits Tim because she’s mad that he’s playing with her sister.
9. Tim is mad.
10. Tim, not knowing why Sal hit him, jumps up, angry at Sal
11. Peg helps Sal and Tim. “Tim is a pal, Sal.”
12. Peg puts herself between Tim and Sal in a head huddle and talks them out of their anger.
13. Sal is glad. Tim is glad. Peg is glad.
14. They all dig together and are feeling good.

Story 6
Word Count: 59
1. Hen sits in a nest.
2. Hen sits contentedly in nest.
3. Tim.
4. Hen sees Tim coming across the yard to the barn.
5. Hen is Tim’s pet. Tim pats Hen.
6. Tim affectionately pets Hen.
7. Hen is glad.
8. Hen has a satisfied smile.
9. Hen stands.
10. Hen stands to keep Tim’s hand petting her head.
11. Tim’s hand is in Hen’s nest.
12. Tim tries to take an egg from the nest.
13. Hen is mad.
14. Hen looks angry at Tim as he tries to steal the egg.
15. Tap! Tap! Tap! Hen nips Tim’s hand!
16. Hen pecks at Tim’s hand.
17. Hen stamps. Tim can’t get in Hen’s nest.
18. Hen guards her nest.
19. Tim sits. Hen sits.
20. Tim sits patiently in front of Hen’s nest.
21. Hen stands!
22. Hen stands as the eggs begin to hatch.
23. At last!
24. The eggs have hatched.
25. Hen has ten in a nest.
26. Hen sits with ten chicks in her nest.
27. Tim has ten pets!
28. Tim counts the chicks as Hen watches proudly.

Story 7
Word Count: 87
1. Tim’s dad sits and has a nap.
2. On a dock on a lake, the dad, with straw hat over his face and fishing line in lake, sleeps.
3. Ned’s dad sits and has a nap.
4. On a dock on a lake, the dad, with baseball cap over his face and fishing line in lake, sleeps.
5. Tim and Ned plan.
6. Two boys in swimsuits, whisper as they stand on the beach.
7. Tim and Ned slip in.
8. The two boys slide quietly into the water
9. Tim gets a cast. Ned gets a cast.
10. Underwater each boy grabs their father’s fishing cast.
11. Tim and Ned snag casts.
12. The boys tie the ends together.
13. As Tim and Ned’s dads nap, Tim and Ned clap pans.
14. Now the boys clap pans together, making a loud noise. The dads startle awake.
15. Tim’s dad tips in! Ned’s dad tips in!
16. When one dad stands up and pulls on his fishing line, it causes the other dad to fall into the lake.
17. Tim clasps Ned’s hand!
18. The boys clap hand’s together in victory.
19. Tim’s dad is mad. Ned’s dad is mad.
20. The dads stand at the edge of the lake, dripping wet, with angry, glowering faces. The boys look scared.
21. Tim and Ned split!
22. The boys run away.
23. Tim’s dad snags Ned. Ned’s dad snags Tim.
24. The dad’s catch the boys.
25. Splat!
26. The dad’s throw the boys into the water.
27. Tim, Ned, and dads nap.
28. All four lay on the sand to dry.

Story 8
Word Count: 111
1. Tim, Ned, Sal and Peg in a dim den.
2. The kids spelunking.
3. Ned has a lamp, a pad, and a pen.
4. Ned, as leader, list what they find on his pad labeled “In Den”.
5. Ned gets a man’s hat. Ned lists hat.
6. Ned picks up an old hat and writes “hat”.
7. Sal gets a tin can. Ned lists can.
8. Sal picks up an old can with a look of disgust. Ned writes “can”.
9. A glint in sand. Peg gets a cat pin. Ned lists pin.
10. Peg picks up an old brooch in the shape of a cat. Ned writes “pin”
11. Tim gets a damp stamp. Ned lists stamp.
12. Tim picks up an old envelope with smudged writing and a stamp. Ned writes “stamp”
13. Ned steps in a nest. An asp spits.
14. A snake rears its head, with its tongue out, when Ned steps on a pile of brush.
15. Tim, Ned, Sal and Peg gasp!
16. The kids gasp.
17. Ned’s pad and pen land in sand.
18. Ned throws his pad and pen down.
19. Tim, Ned, Sal and Peg spin!
20. The kids turn around.
21. Tim, Ned, Sal and Peg in sand!
22. They land in a pile outside the den.
23. Tim gets his dad.
24. Tim brings his dad to the den as the other kids huddle nearby.
25. Tim’s dad tags den “Asp Nest”.
26. Tim’s dad posts a sign outside the den.
27. Tim, Ned, Sal, Peg, and Tim’s dad in a dim tent.
28. Feeling much more safe, looking admiringly at Tim’s dad, the kid’s and Tim’s dad sit around a flashlight in a tent.

Story 9
Word Count: 36
1. Hen met pig in his pen.
2. Pig is resting in his pen when Hen comes up.
3. Hen nags pig.
4. Hen squawking and flapping wings at pig.
5. Pig naps.
6. Pig turns over.
7. Hen met ant.
8. Hen comes upon ant carrying a kernel of corn.
9. Hen nags ant.
10. Hen squawking and flapping wings at ant.
11. Ant digs.
12. Ant drops the corn and digs into the dirt to get away from Hen.
13. Hen met cat.
14. Hen comes upon cat digging in some garbage.
15. Hen nags cat.
16. Hen squawking and flapping wings at cat.
17. Cat hid in a pan.
18. Cat hides under a pan while hen squawks at her.
19. Hen met asp.
20. Hen getting ready to nag the snake.
21. Hen clamps lips.
22. The snake rearing over Hen, Hen wraps her wings over her beak.