Ten Correspondence Story Readers: Sal and Peg

Please put any decodable materials that you are happy to share, here. Thank you.

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Ten Correspondence Story Readers: Sal and Peg

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These are the stories I have written for my second child. In my reading scheme, after the first ten correspondences are taught, 7 weeks are spent building reading of up to 6 sound words in up to 6 word sentences, including puctuation marks and use of different type styles for emphasis (italic, bold, all cap, underline).

There are 10 stories for this level. Preceding these story readers, as I call them, I will give several word readers with stock photos for vocabulary development. The even line numbers are the illustration descriptions.

The format for these books is text on left, picture on right. The picture is folded back or covered up until the text has been decoded. The stories are not in order of use.

The correspondences: n-/n/, a-/a/, s-/s/, t-/t/, c-/k/, e-/e/, d-/d/, g-/g/, l-/l/, p-/p/

Story 1
Total Words: 23
1. Sal.
2. 2 yr old
3. Peg.
4. 7-8 yr old girl
5. Cat.
6. Cat
7. Peg pets cat. Glad cat.
8. Peg bends over cat and is gently stroking cat. Cat is leaning up to her.
9. Sal pets cat. Sad cat.
10. Sal bends over cat with hand just above cat’s head. Cat has scrunched up face and lines coming out as though Sal has patted too hard.
11. Peg and Sal pet cat.
12. Peg helps Sal pet cat gently
13. Glad Peg. Glad Sal. Glad cat.
14. Peg and Sal stand together with cat rubbing their legs. Peg and Sal smile out. Cat has content look.

Story 2
Total Words: 39
1. Sal and Peg.
2. Girls running to the beach holding hands.
3. Sand.
4. Beach scene.
5. Sal can dig.
6. Sal digging in the sand.
7. Peg can dig.
8. Peg digging in the sand.
9. Ants can dig.
10. Anthill with ants digging. Girls in the background.
11. Sal and pan.
12. Sal holding a pan, looking speculatively at the pan and at the anthill.
13. Sal, pan and sand.
14. Sal uses pan to dig into anthill.
15. Sal, pan, sand, and ant!
16. Sal is holding pan full of sand up to her face. An ant sits on top and is looking at her. They both have a startled look.
17. Sad Ant.
18. The ant is looking at his home and looking sad.
19. Peg and ant.
20. Peg has ant in her hand and is gently placing the ant with the other ants.
21. Ants and sand.
22. All the ants together, hugging the lost ant.
23. Glad Ants!
24. Ants waving at Peg and Sal.
25. Peg and Sal glad.
26. Peg and Sal, on beach blanket, smiling, watching the ants dig.

Story 3
Total Words: 22
1. Sal.
2. 2 yr old girl.
3. Peg.
4. 7-8 yr old girl.
5. Peg sat.
6. Peg has just sat on a log and poked herself on a branch.
7. Sad Peg.
8. Peg’s pants are ripped. Peg is crying.
9. Sal sat.
10. Sal has plopped down into a puddle of water.
11. Sad Sal.
12. Sal’s pants are sagging and water dripping down her legs. She is crying.
13. Peg and Sal.
14. Peg and Sal are hugging each other and crying.
15. Sal and Peg.
16. Sal and Peg are running to the house.
17. Dad.
18. Dad sitting on the porch.
19. Peg and Sal and Dad.
20. Peg and Sal sitting on Dad’s lap, cuddling. Dad looks amused and loving.

Story 4
Total Words: 27
1. Sal and Peg.
2. Sal and Peg holding hands, walking and singing, both wear binoculars around their necks.
3. Glen.
4. Sweet picture of a glen.
5. Sal and Peg at glen.
6. Sal and Peg lying on the top of a rise looking through their binoculars at the glen.
7. Stag.
8. A stately stag in the distance looking at Sal and Peg, seen through the binoculars.
9. Stag sped past.
10. The stag runs past them.
11. Sal and Peg gasp.
12. Sal and Peg look at each other. The stag can be seen distantly behind them.
13. Peg and Sal clasp.
14. Peg and Sal, windblown and with expressions of awe, hug each other tightly.
15. Stag pants.
16. The stag has stopped. He’s panting. Sal and Peg in the background.
17. Peg and Sal clap.
18. Peg and Sal, still with amazed expressions clap for the stag. Stag running on.

Story 5
Total Words: 29
1. Sal and Peg.
2. Sal and Peg in overalls with gardening tools.
3. Peg taps.
4. Peg taps on a plant to loosen it from its container.
5. Sal taps.
6. Sal taps on a small plant to loosen it from its container.
7. Peg and Sal tap.
8. Peg and Sal tap on Sal’s plant to loosen it from its container.
9. Plants!
10. Sal and Peg hold up their plants with expressions of victory.
11. Peg pats.
12. Peg pats dirt around the plant she has put in the ground.
13. Sal pats.
14. Sal pats dirt around the plant she has put in the ground. The plant is slightly askew.
15. Sal and Peg pat.
16. Peg and Sal pat around Sal’s plant putting it to right.
17. Sal and Peg tend plants.
18. Sal and Peg watering their plants.
19. Sal and Peg glad.
20. Sal and Peg stand over their plants with pride.

Story 6
Total Words: 30
1. Sal and Peg.
2. Sal and Peg dressed up as pirates with makeshift stage behind.
3. Dad.
4. Dad sits in chair watching girls.
5. Sal can act.
6. Sal in fighting stance with sword out, costume askew.
7. Peg can act.
8. Peg in fighting stand with sword out.
9. Sal and Peg act.
10. Sal and Peg pretend fight.
11. Sal can act glad.
12. Sal with sword standing over Peg lying on the ground, looking triumphant.
13. Peg can act sad.
14. Peg in makeshift prison with defeated expression.
15. Peg and Sal end.
16. Peg and Sal bowing to Dad.
17. Dad claps and claps!
18. Dad, standing with great big smile, clapping.

Story 7
Total Words: 39
1. Sal and Peg.
2. Sal and Peg trudging up snowing hill
3. Ned and sled.
4. 7-8 yr old boy standing at top of hill with sled
5. Peg can sled past Sal and Ned.
6. Peg sledding down while Sal and Ned watch.
7. Ned can sled past Sal and Peg.
8. Ned sledding down while Peg and Sal watch.
9. Splat!
10. Ned crashes into bank of snow. Sal and Peg look surprised.
11. “Sal can sled!”
12. Peg and Ned offering sled to Sal
13. Sal can’t sled.
14. Sal, because she’s scared of crashing, refused sled.
15. “Sal can sled!”
16. Peg and Ned get on sled and are beckoning to Sal.
17. “Sal can sled!”
18. Sal decides its okay and gets on in front of Ned and Peg.
19. Sal, Peg, and Ned can sled!
20. All three sled down together with happy faces.

Story 8
Total Words: 32
1. Sal and Peg.
2. Sal and Peg climbing a tree.
3. Sal and sap.
4. Sal climbing tree, gets sap on her hand. She has a disgusted look.
5. Sal, Peg and pest.
6. The two girls on either side of a tree, with a bee buzzing around them. They look scared.
7. Sal, Peg and pests.
8. Now many bees are flying around them.
9. Sal, Peg and pests’ nest.
10. The girls look up and see a beehive.
11. Snap! Snap! Snap!
12. Twigs breaking as the girls’ slide down tree trunk.
13. Sal gets snag.
14. Sal has shirt snag on branch. She looks surprised.
15. Peg gets snag.
16. Peg has shirt snag on branch. She looks surprised.
17. Sal and Peg splat!
18. Sal and Peg thump on ground at bottom of tree.

Story 9
Total Words: 58
1. Peg gets tent.
2. Peg carrying large tent.
3. Peg lets Sal get pad.
4. Sal carrying pad.
5. Sal sets pad.
6. Sal lays pad on ground.
7. Peg sets tent.
8. Peg using stick to set up tent.
9. Peg taps tent peg. Peg taps ten taps.
10. Peg tapping on tent stakes.
11. Sal taps tent peg. Sal taps ten taps.
12. Sal tapping on tent stakes.
13. Tent slants.
14. Tent tipping over. Sal and Peg look dismayed.
15. Peg and Sal plan.
16. Peg and Sal in a huddle.
17. “Peg, get Dad!”
18. Sal has finger up as though she has an idea and has her mouth open for talking.
19. Dad tends tent.
20. Dad straightening tent poles.
21. “Sal, test tent.”
22. Dad has Sal shake tent pole.
23. Tent can stand!
24. All three look with satisfaction on the stable tent.
25. Peg and Sal sag.
26. Peg and Sal lean against each other with tired expressions on their faces.
27. Peg and Sal nap.
28. Peg and Sal asleep in tent.

Story 10
Total Words: 23
1. Sal.
2. 2 yr old girl.
3. Sal can stand.
4. Sal standing with hands on hips and legs apart, looking resolute.
5. Sal can clap.
6. Sal clapping.
7. Sal can land.
8. Sal landing after jumping off the couch.
9. Sal can’t snap.
10. Sal, with frustrated expression, trying to snap
11. Sal can’t get cap.
12. Sal trying to read a baseball cap on a high shelf.
13. Sal can’t nap.
14. Sal shaking her head, arms crossed, looking obstinate.
15. Sal can nap.
16. Sal, asleep across her mom’s lap

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Hi Melissa,

I keep on meaning to say that your books (which are great by the way)are similar to some decodable readers we have over here. This is their link: http://www.otago.ac.nz/press/kiwiphonics/