MPs and peers do worse than 10-year-olds in Y6 SAT's.

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MPs and peers do worse than 10-year-olds in Y6 SAT's.

Post by JIM CURRAN »

MPs and peers do worse than 10-year-olds in maths and English Sats

Campaigners seeking abolition of year 6 Sats staged event at which children invigilated tests on parliamentarians ... glish-sats

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Re: MPs and peers do worse than 10-year-olds in Y6 SAT's.

Post by Elizabeth »

The Guardian made a different conclusion from me. When I began reading the article, I thought they were showing how well educated our Year 6 children are now, compared with the peers who took the tests. That's not to say that there aren't problems with the test.

It's right that schools are accountable and the tests contribute to that. Teaching to the test is a good thing if the tests test the right things. However, teaching and assessment should be good enough throughout primary school to avoid unhealthy teaching for the test for months before; direct preparation for Year 6 tests should involve only something like the very occasional practice of sitting silently working independently without help.

Pupils and parents should not feel so much pressure. It's not like a test to decide what sort of school a child goes into next, and nobody asks them when they're older about their results aged eleven. Anyway, most secondary schools do their own assessments when children join in Year 7.

The challenge is continue testing at the same time as finding a way to prevent children from feeling unhealthy pressure to do well in these tests.