Synthetic Phonics

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Synthetic Phonics / English Alphabet Code

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Update August 2014
Why modern synthetic phonics programmes are organised from sounds ->letters
English Alphabet Spelling Code
Teach 100 first spellings, not 100 first words.
English Spelling explained: for kids, but a clear and concise guide for puzzled adults too ... ingACC.pdf
English Alphabet Code chart - designed for student teachers but suitable for anyone wanting a visual resource to learn about the Code and an outline of synthetic phonics teaching (see chart's side bar). ... eNumber=49
A Prototype for Teaching the English Alphabet Code

One spelling, different sounds ... 20spelling

Silent letters? ... tters.html
Prof. Pamela Snow: ''So, learning how to read comprises two important component skills...''

The Simple View of Reading. ... eading.pdf
Extracts from the Rose Report 2006. ... 00we24.htm
The Committee on Science & Technology examined the evidence base of the Rose Report 2006. ... eNumber=46:
Six activities that make no difference whatsoever to reading and spelling success, and two activities that are actually related to worse reading and spelling achievement. ... 3/art02353
The Fragility of the Alphabetic Principle: Children's Knowledge of Letter Names Can Cause Them to Spell Syllabically Rather Than Alphabetically.
Let's not sing our ABCs ... -word.html
Synthetic phonics and irregular word reading: ''In my own research, I have found no evidence that relying on a phonological reading strategy impairs children’s ability to read irregular words. In fact, I have found the opposite''

John Walker: High frequency words. 1. ... words.html
High frequency words 2. ... words.html ... ading.html
Phonics AND the love of reading

Ruth Miskin looks at what schools need to do to ensure children both learn to read and keep reading ... ading.html ... honics.pdf
DfE Evidence paper: The Importance of Phonics: Securing Confident Reading ... 20_MG_.pdf
Empirical study using a synthetic phonics programme 'Sound Discovery' from YR-KS2 (700 children) ''dyslexia eliminated'' ... 0-2012.pdf
Follow-up study: The Effects of a Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Programme on Reading and Spelling

Sound~Write's longitudinal study of literacy development from 2003-2009, following 1607 pupils through KS1 ... t_2009.pdf ... evelopment
Synthetic phonics and early reading development. ''A synthetic phonics approach may be particularly suitable for children starting school with weaker than average language skills (e.g., those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds)''

2006 Fourth time at the ball. Will phonics ever find her magic slipper? Diane McGuinness ... eNumber=59 ... cation.pdf
Comprehensive report on the Phonics International programme's implementation in a W.Aus. primary school.
Myths about synthetic phonics ... -some.html
13 myths about synthetic phonics. ... 0Sense.pdf
Sound sense. How learning to love synthetic phonics could revolutionise teachers’ working lives — to say nothing of the children’s!''

http://www.societyforqualityeducation.o ... s/zero.pdf
Zero Tolerance for Boys: Boys are lagging in reading because of flaky teaching methods.

Simple criteria for evaluating a school's synthetic phonics programme: ... gramme.pdf
Synthetic Phonics:The Scientific Research Evidence. ... =1588#1588
Phonological awareness versus teaching letter/s-sound links ... ockall.pdf
Time Well Spent: Phonemic awareness training or paired associate learning for children with language impairments? ... 202012.pdf
Longitudinal Study of the Effects on Reading and Spelling of a Synthetic Phonics and Systematic Spelling and Grammar Program: ''It can be concluded that none of the pre-test scores [included PA] were useful in predicting the scores obtained in the Waddington tests at the end of Reception and Year1''.p7 ... 0682/52383
The Clackmannanshire study: A Seven Year Study of the Effects of Synthetic Phonics Teaching on Reading and Spelling Attainment
Long-term effects of synthetic versus analytic phonics teaching on the reading and spelling ability of 10 year old boys and girls. ... eNumber=59
Fact and Fiction about the Clackmannanshire study. ... ingham.pdf
Why Jaydon Can't Read: the triumph of ideology over evidence in teaching reading.
Rhona Johnston's ppt. on the Clackmannanshire study
A Comparison of Results for Synthetic Phonics and Other Reading Programmes ... eNumber=57
Phonics: The Holy Grail of Reading? Jenny Chew explains the relationship between Decoding and Comprehension. ... eading.pdf
Simple View of Reading ... ds/3090693
Exception words

Three large-scale classroom research studies provide evidence about exactly which elements of instruction are effective, and which of those are not, when teaching children to read. ... -1999.html
Jeanne Chall 1921-1999.