Videos and powerpoints.

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Videos and powerpoints.

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August 2014

RRF Conference 2011. Video clips of speakers and workshop presenters, including Nick Gibb MP (Minister of State at the DfE), Sue Lloyd, Elizabeth Nonweiler, Jenny Chew and Prof. Diane McGuinness ... f=1&t=4862
In this short ppt. Tami Reis-Frankfort explains why English is such a difficult language to learn to read and spell and how a systematic synthetic phonics approach is the most logical and effective way to teach children to read. ... pr2014.pdf
Synthetic phonics trainer Elizabeth Nonweiler's ppt. on using synthetic phonics to achieve independent reading before KS2: includes information on the KS1 phonics screening check. ... de=6401657
Gordon Askew, retired DfE phonics advisor's ppt. on successfully embedding synthetic phonics in the new national curriculum. TES registration (free) required to access the ppt.
Tricia Millar provides this ppt. on using synthetic phonics to teach reading to older teens and adults.

Centre for Independent Studies event ‘Why Jaydon Can’t Read’:
Jennifer Buckingham
Justine Ferrari and Tom Alegounarias ... ot-framed/
How phonics got framed
English Spelling Code
E D Hirsch talks about the Simple View of Reading: decoding and comprehension.

Prof. Joe Elliott offers a cogent argument in favour of abandoning the term "dyslexia" ... r-dyslexia
Video: Prof. Bishop discusses Dore, cognitive dissonance and evaluating research. ... e-teaching
Video: Russell Mayne's talk on aspects of English language teaching which have little or no scientific credibility. He examines practices such as neuro-linguistic programming, learning styles, multiples intelligences and Brain Gym. He also includes a guide to spotting pseudo-science in education. There's an excellent ppt to accompany the video.

Jolly Phonics Songs on YouTube: ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

An 'intensive reading intervention' group lesson -using whole language books:

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2012 video of synthetic phonics teaching in some primary schools in South Australia. Specific programs are not mentioned, but I recognize Jolly Phonics materials and Dandelion Readers books.

Jennie (U.S.)