Mini Books by David Lisgo

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Mini Books by David Lisgo

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Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. I do hope you missed me.

These are first mini books for young children. They come in three versions: full colour, black and white and blank.
Colour: use this one when you don’t have lots of time. Have the children make their books and then read them, notice that the words are all phonically regular and easy to read, now you read it so they can pick up on the pronunciation. Don’t forget reading comprehension, you can ask them all kinds of questions like “What color is the apple?” “How many animals can you see/name?” “How many legs does an ant have?” “Do you like asparagus?” and so on. Then have them draw their album in class or for homework

Black and white: do all of the above plus having them colour in the pictures at an appropriate time.

Blank: I like to have lots of pictures starting with the letter/sound Aa (/a/). We play some games with these cards and when ready I give out the blank sheets for each child to write his/her own book. It can be pictures only or with words. Again you can do most of the above. They can write and publish their own books. I sometimes cross out my copyright and write in the child’s.

There is only one cut line visible but you probably need to trim both ends of the mini books.

Here is the link to all the alphabet files just click on the worksheet you wish to download, then right click on the download button and save to file. Please leave a comment if you like these, then I will upload more. It's the first time I have tried sharing my work this way, so I hope all goes well.

Susan Godsland

Re: Mini Books by David Lisgo

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Welcome back to the message board, David, and thank you for contributing your Mini Books. :grin: