Nonsense spelling test to check hearing

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Nonsense spelling test to check hearing

Post by Kiki »

It has been noted that my 12 yr old finds it difficult to discriminate between phoenemes. His speech has always sounded a little like he is deaf although the usual childhood hearing tests didn't pick up anything.

It strikes me that a nonsense word spelling test could help illustrate the problem ie how difficult he finds it, and is it consonants, vowels or both.

There are quite a few tests about, but is there one that anyone might recommend as being best for this particular purpose?


Susan Godsland

Re: Nonsense spelling test to check hearing

Post by Susan Godsland »

From personal experience, I think it's possible for intermittent hearing loss in early childhood, caused by short episodes of 'glue ear' or simply heavy colds, to go undetected and to cause speech problems. There is also the possibility of verbal dyspraxia causing speech problems.

One of my recent tutees had difficulties with the sounds /i/ and /e/. He really couldn't hear the difference, was unaware that there was a difference, and said something inbetween the 2 sounds in his speech. In fact, this same tutee had received specialist dyslexia teaching yet his whole reading and spelling experience was one that excluded sound. In other words, before he came to me he was working on 'two cylinders' using sight and muscle only, with his oral and aural senses being completely sidelined.

I suggest you use 'word chains' -to discover those sounds which your son finds most difficult to pronounce and/or hear -and then focus on words that give the most practice for those particular sounds.