Book: The Literacy Game- the story of the NLS

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Book: The Literacy Game- the story of the NLS

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The Literacy Game: The Story of the National Literacy Strategy
by John Stannard and Laura Huxford.

I can't write a better review than the one written by Tom Burkard on the Amazon website. I hope he'll forgive me for reproducing it here:
A sore losers' lament, 23 Dec 2008
By T. Burkard

For most people, a book about the National Literacy Strategy (NLS)--abandoned in 2005-- is about as exciting as a book about European plywood kitemarks. Nonetheless, anyone who cares about how England is (mis)governed, would do well to read this book as a cautionary tale. The authors are the principal architects of the NLS, which was a sorry exercise in bureaucratic incompetence and spin-doctoring that left at least 1.2 million children illiterate. It's hard to believe that they are still trying to defend this ruinous exercise in oppression--despite commanding the high ground inside the DfES and all of our education quangos, they lost the war of ideas.

However, the book is well-written, as one would expect from such accomplished propagandists. And the authors have cast me as one of their main villains--for that alone, I had to award the second star. It's always nice to know that you've got up such thoroughly deserving noses.
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