Sound Wheels

Please put any decodable materials that you are happy to share, here. Thank you.

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Sound Wheels

Post by Kelly »

Lost my first try so here I go again........... :roll:

I have just been designing (and making) 'sound wheels' (using alphabet sounds, digraphs and trigraphs). You know the sort where the child can turn the wheels to change the picture/text?

My idea behind them is just to provide another novel approach to learning the sounds.

What I didn't know is whether these sorts of things would be handy to anyone else. I realise this is a 'decodable section', but I thought I could provide the template for others to make some (in keeping with their own programme).

If you think it might be helpful then I will find a way of sharing the template, if you don't I won't bother because of the extra work involved! :grin:

Here is a photo of one of mine to give you an idea of how it works. They are 16cm circumference.