Carl is an independent early literacy consultant and the English Hub lead and Early Reading lead for a large Academy Trust. With numerous years of primary teaching experience and headship behind him, he is able to offer whole school support and a deep understanding of the challenges schools face.

Having questioned how his own children were taught to read, he explored alternative solutions and soon become a keen advocate for systematic synthetic phonics and a fully decodable reading approach. This experience of supporting his own children to learn to read and write gave him the impetus to leave headship and begin a journey of supporting children in a wide range of schools.

Through his independent work and lead roles within his trust, he has built up the expertise to work closely with schools so they improve reading and writing outcomes for all children. In addition to the expertise from professional development opportunities, his greatest asset is the wealth of experience in observing early reading and writing teaching in a wide range of schools.

Links to Carl’s work in the field:

Website: CP education

Twitter: @Mr_P_Teach

Facebook: Phonics time Together