Up until 2007 the RRF published a series of regular Newsletters. However, with the growing capacity of the internet to provide up to the minute information it was felt that very often the Newsletter was out of date before it was published. The RRF committee reluctantly decided that production of a hard copy should cease and that the website should become the main vehicle for publishing news and articles of interest .

We do, however, have an archive of back issues of the Newsletter, which can be accessed from this page. Among a wealth of interesting articles we have Sue Lloyd writing about the development of the Jolly Phonics programme, Professor Diane McGuinness on A Prototype for teaching the English Alphabetic code, Dr Rhona Johnston and Dr Joyce Watson on the Clackmannanshire research, Ruth Miskin tells us about her phonics programme and Mona McNee examines the history of the changes in, and influences on, reading instruction, to name but a few.

There are still copies in existence of the pre-internet RRF Newsletter, which we plan to scan and add to the archive; which should provide a fascinating history of the RRF’s campaign for the introduction of evidence-based teaching of reading.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Newsletter archive.