Guidance for Parents

Dear Parents and Carers, Here are some suggestions as to how you can help your child with early reading and work in partnership with your child’s pre-school and school: (1) Understanding the contents of a book: You can share a

Useful Assessments

Burt Reading Test For non-commercial use only, by permission of the copyright holders. Instructions for administering the Burt Reading test Schonell Spelling test Simple Code Phonics Assessment. This ‘simple code assessment’ covers one way of representing each of 40 phonemes

Alphabetic Code Charts

Alphabetic Code Charts may be helpful for a variety of people and purposes. The following English Alphabetic Code Charts are all free to download. They can be used with the Phonics International synthetic phonics programme or to complement other basic

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On this page we have some articles which were never published in our newsletter, links to some useful resources for assessment and a link to the RRF Superlinks, pages of links on all aspects of the teaching of reading and

Newsletter Archive

Up until 2007 the RRF published a series of regular Newsletters. However, with the growing capacity of the internet to provide up to the minute information it was felt that very often the Newsletter was out of date before it

Useful Websites

Here is a list of useful websites that are relevant to the teaching of reading.