Book: Understanding phonics & the teaching of reading

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Book: Understanding phonics & the teaching of reading

Post by Susan Godsland » Fri Jan 09, 2009 3:37 pm

Understanding Phonics and the Teaching of Reading: Critical Perspectives by Kathy Goouch and Andrew Lambirth pub. OUP. 2008. ... sib_rdr_dp

Not my review, but I thought all RRFers would like to read the one below from 'Early Years' magazine?, especially as both authors are Senior Lecturers in Education at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.
"The book’s strength lies in the ability of the contributors to draw conclusions in relation to the reading debate and constructively justify moving away from the reliance on a single phonics approach based on evidence from empirical research. ...The book offers a timely warning against reading becoming synonymous with synthetic phonics instruction, of children becoming mere ‘functional decoders of print’ (p. 53). The argument turns to the very real need for children to develop and understand the ‘joy, relevance and use for reading’ (p. 79); indeed in the current climate of synthetic phonics instruction children are in danger of losing the ability or the will to look at a book for pleasure."
Early Years
Now I could be wrong, but 'Critical Perspectives' indicates to me that it is devoid of empirical research.

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