National Assessments in Early Years

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National Assessments in Early Years

Post by k-2read » Sat Jul 13, 2013 8:04 pm

Please can you direct me to where I can find information about the current status/or results of assessments being implemented to evaluate the progress of students who have been taught using synthetic phonics from its initial mandate in September, 2007 until now.


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Re: National Assessments in Early Years

Post by maizie » Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:37 pm

I'm not sure that there has been any systematic gathering of data since 2007. The information that might be available would come from monitoring KS1 & KS2 results for cohorts who 'should' have had SP teaching since 2007. It is touched on in this thread: ... f=1&t=5718

However, it is as well to remember that very few schools implemented good SP teaching in 2007. The Phonics check has concentrated minds somewhat but when you read in the report on last year's Check that only 58% of schools surveyed implemented systematic phonics instruction and that some 80% of teachers in those schools believed that 'other strategies' should be used as well, it is difficult to get a clear picture of the effect of pure synthetic phonics teaching. ... RR286A.pdf

I am sure that Jenny Chew said earlier this year that there was to be follow up of children from the pilot Check to see if their KS1 results correlated to their performance in the Check, but I've heard nothing more about this. Perhaps Jenny will respond to your post to clarify this.

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Re: National Assessments in Early Years

Post by chew8 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:53 am

Sorry – I’ve only just seen the above from Maizie.

There's something starting on p. 22 of this DfE document: ... -RR287.pdf

At the time this analysis was done, the only children who had done both the Year 1 screening check and the KS1 assessment were those involved in the 2011 pilot. Perhaps the DfE will continue with this type of analysis, or perhaps the National Foundation for Educational Research will, as part of its 3-year evaluation – I don’t know for sure.

Jenny C.

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