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'You can't touch their brain until you have touched their heart'

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:44 pm
Lucy Crehan a teacher, at an inner- city school has written a very interesting book about her experience visiting the top 5 PISA scoring countries. The book is full of detailed observations and a wealth of information. I want to share one observation with you. When she was in Singapore she attended a lecture at the Singapore National Institute of Education with Professor. B who she describes as a ‘ kind and indomitable lady who modelled the kind of ‘tough love’ demeanour that all teachers aspire to achieve’.
After the lecture the Professor offered to give her a lift to the railway station. ‘As I was chatting to the Professor in her car , she also expounded on the importance of teacher- student relationships- ‘ you can’t touch their brain until you have touched their heart’.