Phonics in Cameroon

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Phonics in Cameroon

Post by Elizabeth » Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:13 pm ... meroon.pdf

A pilot of the Jolly Phonics programme in the teaching of reading and writing of English in Cameroon


Through this evaluation it has been determined that the synthetic phonics approach of teaching reading and writing of English, and specifically the Jolly Phonics programme, leads to greater progress in the pupils’ reading and writing ability in English than those pupils not taught using the programme. This evaluation has also shown that the Jolly Phonics programme is effective for all student groups (gender, ECD experience, poverty levels, school location and language spoken at home).

As this analysis shows, the experimental schools outperformed the control schools significantly on all the five literacy skills assessed, suggesting that the Jolly Phonics method provides a more effective way of teaching these key skills than existing methods being used. For example pupils taught using Jolly Phonics on average increased their reading age by 11 months after only using the programme for 6 months. This is compared to pupils not taught using the programme making on average no improvement in their reading age over the same period. Such a significant improvement in reading age demonstrates the impact that the Jolly Phonics teaching has on overall reading skills and not just letter sound knowledge. Comparisons between children whom spoke varying languages at home showed no significant difference in literacy progress, suggesting the Jolly Phonics methodology is effective for all children despite the language they use the majority of time at home. Further analysis into prior ECD, gender, school location and poverty levels highlighted such controls have little influence as to the success of children exposed to this methodology. Subsequently it can be proposed that the Jolly Phonics method should be effective for all children in Cameroon.
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Re: Phonics in Cameroon

Post by chew8 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:51 pm

I haven't read the whole thing yet, but I'm sure it's appropriate to say 'Take a bow, Sue Lloyd'!

Jenny C.

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